NGDC Show Schedules

2021 Championship Show to be held on Sunday 22nd August 2021

The schedule for the 2021 Championship Show which will be held on Sunday 22nd August in association with Blackpool General Championship Show can be downloaded from the Fosse Data website or from:-


Exhibitors are reminded that COVID-19 restrictions will be in place as defined by Government guidelines on the day and ALL visitors to the show will be required to either provide a completed Track and Trace form, which can be found in the schedule or by filling in a form at the show entrance on the day or by using the NHS Track and Trace app on a smartphone. Full details can be found in the schedule and an extract from the schedule is reproduced here, entrance to the Show may be refused if this information is not provided.

“The Society will ensure to the best of its ability that the event is run to Covid Safe guidelines. It is your responsibility to ensure you comply with national and local restrictions including advice given about non-essential travel in and out of locally affected regions (which must not be ignored) – in the interests of the safety of all participants this may give rise to a short notice refusal of entry at the society’s discretion. The Kennel Club will respect the society’s exercise of its discretion. If a competitor, or anyone in their household, has Covid-19 related symptoms or has tested positive for Covid-19 they must isolate in line with Government advice – https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/selfisolation-and-treatment/when-to-self-isolate-and-what-to-do/ THE COMPETITOR MUST NOT ATTEND THE EVENT”